Saturday, August 27, 2011

BYOC....On a Saturday

Just like last week, I'm doing my Bring Your Own Crazy on Saturday - because it's easier for me. 

You know the routine, but just in case.... I get the questions from Draz - the queen of BYOC - and I copy and answer them, and then you do the same thing.  Then we all get to know crazy stuff about each other..... it's fun.  You should do it.  Really, you should.

Here we go....

1. What is your blog theme and how did you pick your blog name?
Like Draz, my blog is supposed to be a weight loss blog.  I started it to share my progress, or lack thereof, of losing weight and getting into shape.  Now?  Well, it's more like a personal diary - sometimes I talk about weight loss, sometimes I talk about work, sometimes its something totally different.  I just like to write, and I write whatever comes to my head. 

The name for my blog is obviously a spin off the movie "Diary of a Mad, Black Woman".  Apparently, I wasn't as creative as I thought I was being - because there are actually a lot of blogs out there with the same name.

I like it, though, because it is a diary.  It's about a sometimes crazy overweight woman - that would be me. 

2. Repeat question: I’m going to name a person not knowing anything about this person in your life or even if they exist and you need to try to describe them in five words/phrases.

Female neighbor two homes/doors down to the left
Holy crap balls, do know how to pick some people to talk about.

I can't answer this question because I have absolutely no idea if I even have a female neighbor two homes down on the left.

I live in the country, in the middle of nowhere.  I have a female neighbor to my right - about 1/4 mile down the road - and an older couple in a house in front of mine.  There are houses thrown around here and there surrounding me - but I have never met any of them.  We're not in walking distance, and I've never had a need to just randomly knock on their doors and introduce myself. 

3. Which do you hate more? Spiders or snakes. Elliptical or treadmill. Hannah Montana or Lindsay Lohan.
SPIDERS!!! I am arachnophobic to the core.  Just the thought of spiders makes my palms sweat, and gives me the total heeby geebies.... YUCK!!! 

I actually really like snakes - I own one...well, OK, it's really Hubby's snake.  We have a large ball python who's tank is right next to my side of the bed.  Sorry, Draz - I know you're cussing my name right now, and maybe even considering poking my eyes out with chopsticks.  I was told to use more pictures on my blog - so I think it's only fit to oblige. 

I hate treadmills.  I love ellipticals. 

Since I started running outside, I got rid of my treadmill.  It just didn't do anything for me - and walking/running on a treadmill hurts my legs and shins.  I get all wobbly and off balance, and I just can't do it. 

I don't hate either Hannah Montana or Lindsey Lohan - I just can't stand either.  Being that Hannah Montana isn't real, I guess I can tolerate her more, but I'm so glad her show is over - especially since Peanut was gaga over her a few years back.  I got tired of the sight of her, and the sound of her songs, and seeing her plastered over everything that Peanut wore or used.

The same way I was sick of hearing and seeing Hannah - I feel the same way about Lindsey.  I hate the fact that the things she did got her a smack on the wrist, when if it had been a "normal" person committing the crimes - they would have done hard time.  She's a drama queen, and I can't stand hearing about her drama. 

4. Completely selfish question…I need a dress for Chicago…keep in mind I live in Podunk so the options of physically going into a vast array of stores is VERY limited. (thank God for the Internet) When you need something fancy/a dress – what is your go to store and why?

I can't help with this one.  Fancy dresses don't belong in my vocabulary.  I bought a really nice gown once for a theme party - and I bought it at a second hand boutique.  I'm a tight wad when it comes to clothes I won't wear more than once. 

5. Repeat question: How was your week in blog land and in real life?
Blog land has been....urm...trying?  Is that a good word?  I spent two days writing about how pathetic I am when it comes to blog followers and comments.  I guess I'm that much of an attention whore, that it takes me two days to cover my self-pity.  I am a loser sometimes.  Can't help it.

I did get some AMAZING feedback, though.... and I'm definite that I broke a personal record with the number of comments I received.  The nasty attention seeking part of me is completely satisfied - and should be able to keep quiet for a few least.

Real life?  Well....what a week.  I spent the first half of the week preparing myself for meeting twenty 3 and 4 year olds next Monday morning.  I had gotten over my huff about not getting a job in the public schools.  I had swallowed my pride and really put in everything I had to learning about Head Start.  I even made a great connection with the people I was going to be working with.  I was really enjoying myself.

Then, wouldn't you know it - yesterday, I get the call I've been waiting to receive since April.  The assistant Superintendent of a local school district called to offer me a position.  What the What?? 

Once again, I was smacked in the face by the whole "good things come to those who wait" scenario.  The minute I accept that the dream is over - the dream shows it's head.  I had to make a very hard decision....but in the end, it was an easy decision.  Being in the schools is what I've ALWAYS wanted.  I don't mind that I don't have a classroom - knowing that I have my foot in the door is almost just as good.  It was so hard to say goodbye to Head Start....and the amazing people I would have worked with... but they know as well as I do - it was going to happen eventually.

On top of all this good, it's no surprise that something bad also had to happen.  The something bad is something I choose not to talk about on my blog - because it involves one of my children, and sharing private information about my kids is where I draw the line.

I will say that yesterday I had to make two of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make....and I truly feel like my decisions were for the best.  Only time will tell.  For the latter - I hope it's sooner than later.

Alright, that's it for me today.  Please feel free to answer the questions and then let me know - so I can read the answers....and comment.  ;)

Till next time. ;)
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  1. You know - you warned me - and here I am anyway - cuz I can't resist coming here to read. Now? I may have nightmares. You little turd. You owe me a blog filled with unicorns, rainbows and lollipops. I thought we were kindred spirits but alas - we cannot be - not with a snake beside your head each night. LOL. I still love you immensely though. Snake or not - I puffy heart you.

  2. I haven't done a BYOC post in 2 weeks. Ugh. I miss it. In fact, I just now updated my blog after almost 2 weeks. Seriously, what is my problem?? Anyhow, I enjoyed your BYOC as I always do. Although I must say that I think it's crazy you sleep next to a snake. Yikes! ;)


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