Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Time Has Come, To Talk of Other Things....

It's Wednesday, which would normally mean a weigh in and update for the Burst into Summer challenge.  Not today.

After a lot of thought, and the fact that I really haven't participated in the challenge at all in the past four weeks... I'm gracefully bowing out of the challenge.  I'm not usually a quitter... but this time, it just makes sense.

Besides, there are more pressing matters to get to today.... like, I don't know, maybe hearing the words I GOT A JOB!!!!

Yep... I'm serious.  I'm not playing around.  I got a job.

The funny thing is, I was actually offered two jobs yesterday.  TWO!!  I go from not having a single lead to two separate people making me a job offer.  It was a tough that I needed to think about.  There are so many things to consider when accepting a job.  I wanted to scream YES to both... but then realized, I couldn't do that.  I had to think, talk it over with Hubby, and then make a decision about which job would be the better fit for me.  I got tingles just saying "the better fit for me" because I really didn't think I'd ever get to amuse that opportunity.

So, I guess I can dish what's been going on now that things are more official. I haven't signed anything yet... but they told me I have the job....People's Court starts running through my mind right now, I should have something in writing, but then I'm going tomorrow to do the drug test and the TB I'm in, right?  I know I haven't been doing any drugs and I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten TB, and that would be why I wouldn't get the job....yikes, I'm stressing about nothing.  My first day is August 15th.  That's my orientation day, the day I fill out all the paperwork. 

I know... you're screaming WELL, WHAT IS IT??  You know me better than that... you know I'm going to drag the suspense out as long as possible...just because I like to write, and today is an exciting day, and because I haven't had the opportunity to be this excited in a long time.

OK, so a couple of weeks ago, I interviewed for a position at a counseling facility.  They specialize in providing counseling and case management (behavioral) services to all ages on site and in schools.  I was interviewing for a position working in a preschool.  I would be working with kids in DHS custody, helping them with behavior management and social skills.

When I interviewed, it went really well.  So well, in fact, that the person interviewing me thought I'd be a better fit for actually teaching in the preschool rather than being a case manager.  She informed me that the preschool was going to be looking for new teachers soon, and that she wanted to speak to the director of the center about me.  A few days later, I was called back for a second interview - this time with the director of the preschool.  Let me point out, here, that the preschool and the counseling services are two seperate entities that just work with each other.  Two different companies.

That interview went just as well.  Since that time, the counseling service and the preschool have been going back and forth about offering me a job.  They both said they were interested, but were having some complications on deciding where to put me.  The preschool wanted me, but hadn't even begun looking at teachers - because they weren't actually going to start hiring until later in August.  The counseling service wanted me, but didn't want to train me for a position they thought I wouldn't last long in.  It was difficult.

Yesterday, I got an email.  The email was from the counseling service telling me that she was checking references and would speak with me later about an offer.  That was the email I spoke about yesterday.  I thought everything was pretty much in the bag.... I was going to finally have a job...and I didn't really mind at that point where it was.

Then, comes the twist.

While I'm waiting for the call back from the counseling service, I get a call from Head Start.  I interviewed with them a few weeks ago, and was sent a "thanks, but no thanks" letter.  I was very surprised when the person calling said "I'd like to know if you're still interested in a teaching position".  DOH!!  Really??

So, there I was, faced with a tough decision.  I didn't know what to do.  I explained everything to Head Start, and asked if they'd give me a little time to think about it.  They agreed....I was given 24 hours.

I immediately called the counseling service, and explained the situation.  She told me that she was on her way to meet with the director of the preschool, and would have more information for me to make my decision later in the day or first thing this morning.

I waited and waited... but no call came.  Still, I haven't heard back from the counseling service.  I had to make a decision... time was slipping away....

Hubby and I discussed the offer presented by Head Start.  The pay was better than we thought.  I'd get my summer off.  It's closer to me, logistically.  It's in the same town that Jelly goes to daycare.  On the flip side, the counseling service was about the same - money wise - but they are a year round facility.  It's a lot further away.  So....after stressing and sweating and feeling guilty because I didn't want to let anyone down....I made a decision.

I called Head Start and accepted their offer.  Beginning August 15th, I will be a Pre-K teacher at Head Start.

No, it's not the dream job I had my heart set on....but by golly it's a job.  I will have a classroom.  I will have kiddos to teach.  I have to be happy....I am happy.

I can't help but feel a little guilty for letting the counseling service down.  I mean, they were really trying to work with me - find a job that was the best fit for me.... but as Hubby has informed me a thousand times, I really have to think about what's best for me.  The guilt, in my mind, is a sign about how dedicated and loyal I am.  He's right, though, the Head Start position really works better for me...and I'm the one that I have to think about.... right?  Please tell me I'm right, cause seriously, I'm being eaten up with guilt.

So....there you go....after all this time and whining and crying and stressing and cursing and gaining weight and binge eating.... I finally have a job.  Proceed to celebrate....cause, you know, now I won't be complaining.

I'm happy.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  So, it's not my dream job - doesn't mean I won't enjoy it.  Doesn't mean that my dream job won't happen, one day.  This is a starting point, a's experience to add to my resume.  You never know, I might get in there and realize that it's really what I'm supposed to be doing.  We'll see.

You can now rest easy, my friends, the time has come to talk of other things....I can go back to being me.....happy, cheery, awkwardly funny me.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. congratulations!! sometimes it just takes a bit of time and patience :)

  2. Totally great to have the option of choosing! I look at it from the hiring standpoint: I have had many folks I want to hire say something better came along. I'm like, OK, who do I want next. I, myself, even turned down a job when I didn't even have one. I just knew it wasn't going to be right for me. When they called and offered the job, the woman was totally surprised that I turned down the job. But, like you said, you have to take care of yourself.

    Again, congrats!!

  3. Congratulations!! Those kids will love having you for a teacher! Enjoy the next few days cause your time at home is coming to an end!!

  4. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!!!!! I am sooo happy for you!



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