Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday, True Confessions Tuesday.... YEAH!!

It's Tuesday, so that means only one thing:  Time to confess.  If you've got some things to get off your chest...you could do the same on your blog.  Make sure you come and let me know you did - so that I can read all your dirty secrets.  Well, maybe not dirty... but it's still a lot of fun.

My first confession has to be that I am a big TMZ fan, and if you watch it - you'll get the title of my blog post.  I love the little jingles TMZ makes for some of their pieces.

I confess that for the first time in months, I feel completely calm, collected, and as much as I hate the word.. "normal".  It's kind of scary....it's been so long since I haven't been stressed to the max, that I'm not used to not feeling the stress. 

I confess that I'm starting to believe that my weight loss motivation automatically recharges when my stress level is at the minimum.  I mean, yesterday and the donut incident was a start.  Even after coming home, I didn't stuff my face.  I did snack last night - but it was trail mix...not exactly the worst snack in the world.

I confess that I felt in my comfort zone at my new job yesterday.  All morning, I had that awkward feeling that comes from starting a new job at a place where you don't know anyone... but by the afternoon, I was in my groove and loving every minute of it.

I confess that I'm nervous I'm going to disappoint you all with the rainbows and Care Bear farts (as Draz would describe it) that I'm confessing this morning.  That's stupid, though, right?  You're tired of hearing me complain, right?  It might actually be refreshing to hear nice things for a change, right?

I confess that I got up at my normal time this morning, and thanks to Hubby my coffee was ready and waiting for me.  All will be right with the world today.  Although, I apparently didn't learn my lesson about making the coffee before going to bed....Hubby either came to the rescue, or decided it was in the best interest for his life's safety to do it for me.

I confess that I believe it should be illegal for tractors to drive on the main roads in town.  Yeah, I know I'm shifting gears here a little.  But, seriously.  Why the heck do tractors need to drive down main roads in town?  I can sometimes understand them driving down the back roads...but when I'm trying to get to work, I don't expect to be driving 10mph behind a freakin' tractor.  I'm convinced that there are people out there that own tractors and for whatever reason, feel the need to use the tractor for their main source of transportation.....just to annoy the living crap out of people trying to get to work?

I confess that when I'm stuck behind said tractor drivers or 90 year old drivers that drive 10mph or any driver that drives more than 10mph under the speed limit, I call them nasty names and say nasty words to them.  Not loud enough where they can hear it - that wouldn't be very nice - but loud enough to make me feel better.

While on the subject....

I confess that if I see a driver putting on make-up, texting, or anything else that impairs their driving...and that includes picking their nose....they get some nasty names also.  Now I know that there are some women out there that have mastered the art of applying mascara while driving 60mph on the freeway.  I have no real beef with those women, because I really don't notice them.  But to those that are still newbies and apply the mascara while driving 20mph in a 55mph zone - and swerve all over the place while they do it?  GET OFF THE FREAKIN' ROAD!!!  Seriously, it takes 5 minutes to put on a full face of make-up...get up 5 minutes earlier each morning - and spare risking all of our lives while you're driving to work.

Wow, can you say "road rage" much?  Apparently so....

It's obvious that I've run out of things to confess, so while I'm declaring things that should be illegal I'm going to shift gears here a little and list some other things that I think should totally be against the law....
  • Any foods smaller than the palm of your hand that contains more than 300 calories... would totally help with the obesity epidemic in my opinion
  • To buy a pair of...let's say size 16 pants from one store that fit perfectly, but buying the same size at a different store - and they don't fit.  That should be illegal.  Sizes should be the same everywhere.  Not sure who would be at fault - but there should be a law that regulates sizes.  It would save a lot of confusion and heartache - on my part.
  • Christmas stuff being put up in the stores before October.  I'm all for planning ahead, but when it's still 150 degrees outside - and the summer isn't even over....the last thing I want to see is Christmas decorations.  Just saying.
  • The fact that I can buy Christmas decorations in August, but can't find any more shorts or summer clothes.  There should be some kind of law regulating that.  I need shorts in August, when it's 150 degrees... but nope, no shorts.... but I can take home a Christmas tree if I want.
I guess it's a really good thing I don't sit in a public office position that gets to make up laws....or this country would have even more ridiculous laws than are already in place.  So, maybe my suggestions aren't really serious enough to be "laws" - but I totally believe that this country would be a much happier place if my suggestions were taken in to consideration - what do you think?

So, today you have a couple of choices.... tell me about your confessions, or share with me a law that you think should be in place.  I want to hear either or both.  Don't worry, no one will think you're as crazy as me....well, they might... but is that such a bad thing?  Don't answer that. 

I'm off to another day at my fantastic new job....everyone have a great Tuesday!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I agree with the Christmas stuff - it's a little crazy. Everything is so commercialized many holidays have lost their meaning which is a bummer!

  2. 1) Drivers like that drive me nuts, too. And the worse ones are those who drive 45 mph where the speed limit is 55 mph -- except when it's OK to pass, the speed up to 60. AND THEN SLOW DOWN AGAIN. That infuriates me.
    2) Clothes sizes: I always wore a size 8 or 10. When my mom passed, I started wearing some of her clothes, and one day I looked at the size on a pair of pants she'd had for probably 15 years -- it was a size 12 -- and it was the same size as my NEW size 8 pants!!! I'd read about how sizes have changed through the years to accommodate how we Americans are getting bigger, but that was a real slap in the face!

  3. i'm starting to find my motivation again as well. not sure where it ran off to but it brought home 30 lbs that i had lost :-(

    another car in front of me pisses me off lol i have no tolerance for other people in *my* road hahaha

  4. I'm with you on the road rage stuff...slow drivers who don't move over really annoys me! And don't get me started on Christmas stuff being on the shelves..it's crazy!

    Good luck getting back onto the weight loss wagon! Sounds like this new job is a good pushing element for you!

  5. I love your should-be laws. Real people like us should make laws, don't ya think? I'm so glad you are enjoying your new job so much. I think it's GREAT! Just make sure you eat. ;)


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