Monday, August 22, 2011

Where Did You Go Weekend?

OK, I could have sworn it was Friday like 20 minutes ago.

I haven't had a weekend go by so fast in...well...months.  I guess that's what happens after going back to work....the time off seems to fly by.

I had a pretty good weekend.  Friday night, I just collapsed on to the couch and stayed there until bed time.  We watched the new Red Riding Hood movie, and while I won't give anything away - it's pretty weird. 

Saturday, I went and picked up a couple of new additions to the family....rabbits.  Yep, my assistant and I decided on having a bunny in the classroom.

I found an ad on Craigslist (gotta love that site, right?) and found a woman giving away two rabbits with a cage and all that jazz for a really good price.  There was one problem.  It was a male and female rabbit.  At first, I thought - no big deal.  They're babies - only 5 months old - I'll be able to separate them and keep one in the classroom and find a home for the other one.  Well, as soon as my kiddos saw them, I new right away where the other home would be - my house.

Now, I'm not a rabbit expert - but I do know one thing about rabbits.  They like to...urm...well...make babies.  But, again, I thought I should be fine for a couple of days...they're only babies themselves.  Boy, was I wrong.  Those two rabbits - well, the male rabbit anyway - has been trying to get him some since the minute we brought them home.  UGH!! 

It may be too late, but I'm going to go after work to get another cage so I can separate them PRONTO!  I have a suspicion that the female is already pregnant, so it appears the male rabbit will become the class pet - cause I don't need the kids in my class watching the "miracle of life" take place with a rabbit.

OK - got really side tracked there.....Back to my weekend.

After picking up the rabbits, Hubby took them home, and I went on to my parent's house with the kiddos.  We spent the night at my parent's house.  I went over to babysit my niece so that my parents could take my little brother and sister to the movies.  They took Peanut with them, too, and the rest of us just hung out while they were gone. 

Came home yesterday afternoon, and then the rest of the afternoon Hubby, Peanut and I played Spades.  It was a lot of fun - something I know will probably become a regular treat in my house.  I'd never played before - and so it was new to me, but I really enjoyed it.

So that was my weekend.  It lasted about as long as it took for me to type it.  Here one minute, gone the next.

Now, I have another long week at work ahead.  There's three days of training and then two days of finishing up the classroom - that's actually taking a lot longer than I thought it would.  Like I said the other day, a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing - and my poor assistant is picking up the bulk of the work.  I would do more, but I still feel so lost.

I'm really hoping that I can spend some time with the other teacher this week and learn the ropes of planning the lessons, doing the paperwork, and stuff like that.  I know I'll feel a lot better when I can start planning for next week - when the kiddos arrive. 

OK, well it's time for me to get to getting....I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Too funny about the bunnies! I hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. A little advice...Go have your little male friend neutered. Male rabbits are territorial and like to "spray". GL


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